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North Belt Auto, full-service garage for automotive repair and maintenance

Why Can't All Mechanics Be This Great?

It's a question that people ask us all the time. We often wonder, too. Why can't other mechanics provide the same great service and low rates that we do? Too often, a mechanic will hike up the price of their parts and labor rates in order to get an extra buck out of their customers. North Belt Auto in Belleville, IL, believes that the first price we give you should be the best price. No negotiations, no price matching, just one great rate the first time, every time.

North Belt Automotive Speaks Your Language

We've all experienced it. A mechanic will start throwing auto terms at you when telling you what's wrong with your car. By the time they finish and hold out their hand for payment, you're not exactly sure what they intend to do! At North Belt Automotive, we pride ourselves in being absolutely clear with all of our customers. We'll put all of our terms in a language that's simple and understandable, not try to hide behind automotive jargon. It's our promise to you.

Family Owned and Operated

Dennis Feurer has been fortunate enough to have his daughter, Mandy, share the responsibility of managing North Belt Automotive. Mandy is usually the one talking with customers at the desk, and her customer service reviews speak for themselves. with the addition of a small, trusty staff, they're the perfect team to work on your family's car. Trust your car with North Belt Automotive. Call us today!

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Please Note:

North Belt Automotive will be observing the following holiday hours:

Thursday, Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve): Closing at 12:00 PM
Friday, Dec. 25 (Christmas Day): Closed
Saturday, Dec. 26: Closed

Thursday, Dec. 31 (New Years Eve): Closing at 12:00 PM
Friday, Jan. 1 (New Years Day): Closed
Saturday, Jan. 2: Closed

Speedy Service

Nobody wants to be stranded and left to fend for themselves in the real world without their trusty ride. North Belt Automotive will always work hard to get your car back to you ASAP after a repair. Most repairs are finished in the same day. The repairs that don't happen that day will be finished the next day. It is extremely rare for us to keep a car longer than two days. If you have questions about a repair that may be lengthy, just give us a call and we'll lay everything out for you.

Specializing in Honda Service and Maintenance

Our president and founder, Dennis Feurer, has extensive knowledge into the inner workings of all Honda automobiles. He has over 30 years of experience working exclusively on Hondas. If you have a Honda that needs repair services, North Belt Automotive should be your first stop for the best value in Belleville!